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LIFE / EDIT can help you create a clutter-free home for a calmer state of mind. Our personalised, discreet and practical approach to organising your home will leave you feeling happy supported and more in control.

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Zoë Berry
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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Initial consultation is free of charge.

We work in teams of two and it costs £85 per hour for two organisers. Normal working hours are 10am – 4pm. Additional hours are charged at our standard hourly rate.

We require a 10% deposit of your total booking cost to secure your sessions.

How long will it take?

Good question! How long we work together depends entirely on how big the job is we are tackling, and how quickly you can make decisions on what to keep and what to part with. We will keep you focused on the task in hand and help you to prioritise – you won’t be distracted by that box of family photos or old diaries! Working together means we can achieve a lot more in a session that you would on your own, that’s for sure.

What do you need from us?

An open mind, a willingness to make a change in your life and, although the sessions will be led by us, we will require you to be present during our sessions for decision making. Before the consultation, all you need to do is to take stock of the areas you are going to show us, and start to think about where you would like to start. We will then agree this together, of course. We always recommend starting with an area which you won’t find too difficult or emotional as a start off, then working up from there.

Do I need to buy anything?

We provide everything needed in terms of materials (bin bags, labels, labellers, markers etc.) If any more expensive items are required for moving house or home staging, these are charged back to you at cost. There is no need to buy any storage before we come. Sometimes people panic and think they need to buy lots of storage boxes, but they are often not needed when the decluttering starts in earnest, and if they are, we can source some further down the line.

Is your service confidential?

LIFE / EDIT is a completely private and confidential service. Some people are quite happy to tell friends and family about their decluttering projects, especially afterwards because they feel so uplifted and proud of their home. Others prefer to keep things private. There are no advertising logos on cars or uniforms. We will never discuss clients with a third party unless agreed and all photographs taken and used on our social media/website will only be used with your permission. For any testimonial given, after we work together, we will only ever use your first name.

Do I need to be there?
The answer to this is yes, but depending on the type of job we usually do not need you for the whole day. Crucially, we need you for the decision making part of the day, but we can work around any errands; school drop-offs and pick-ups you have.

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