How does it work?

It’s simple really – I come over to your house or office for a no-cost consultation (this usually takes approximately 45 minutes) and we discuss what you would like to achieve and look at any areas which you’d like to tackle. We discuss where would be best to start, and from there, we put a date in the diary to begin. During the decluttering sessions, we work together with me helping you to decide which of your belongings to keep and what to let go of. I work at your pace, keeping you focussed on the task (so much easier than working alone when it’s easy for you to get distracted) helping you to make decisions and keep moving along.

Take the first step with an initial, no-cost consultation.
“I couldn’t believe how quickly we managed to sort through everything, clean the space and reorganise what I was keeping. A job that would have seemed daunting and difficult and taken me hours and hours was done quickly and easily. Thank you, Zoë!”


The task at hand

When we need to take a break we do so, and I regularly make sure you are happy with how we are progressing. Depending on the job, we may achieve all you want in our first session, and for larger tasks, we may work together over several sessions.

I make sure your space is tidy when I leave, and take any recycling/charity shop bags away with me, so that you are not left with anything further to do.


Zoë Berry

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15 Marlborough Street
EH15 2BD

m: 07989 985 429

About Zoë

As a busy mum of three small children I know how quickly homes can become cluttered and stressful.

With my friendly, positive approach, together we can make your home a happy place where everything is where it should be.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend her services; she is incredibly professional, yet still so friendly, funny and easy to work with.  With such an incredible eye for detail and design, the end results are amazing!”